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House living in the future

A dwelling that provides occupants with comfort is referred to as a home. And the world’s innovation, which is heading into a totally digital era, has had an impact on every element of existence. includes lifestyles and lifestyle habits that have altered dramatically in comparison to the past as a result, a house in Phuket is more than just a place to live. but a place where you may conduct a variety of activities.

The team from Andaman Asset Solution team will take you to witness the latest house trends today. that respond to the smart life in the future.

Eco and Sustainable Living

house in phuket

Environment protection is a top issue for everyone on the planet. As a result, this idea has been brought into the house. Building a house in Phuket to suit the space and surrounding environment is an example of an energy-saving dwelling. Accepts wind or natural light from any direction.

Consider where you want your doors and windows to go. obtain adequate lighting The house will be ventilated and illuminated by the breeze. decrease your electricity usage Also, concentrate on creating a home that can assist minimize energy use by using cool color tones. Also, instead of using power, a solar roof system might be installed.

Multifunctional Living

Multifunctional Living for house in phuket

Due to the restricted area, the home has to be used in a variety of ways, and Work From Home has become a new and more common kind of employment today. As a result, the home must fulfill more tasks for leisure than it previously did. alone For a wide spectrum of professional organizations, the house must support work and serve as a new workplace. This necessitates the necessity to adapt the space in the house to be more flexible by precisely connecting the living rooms in the house. Together with the home arrangement that highlights the use of a number of applications at a single place (Multifunction Space), or is known as a multi-purpose area that can be modified for use according to the needs and suitability at the time to make the most of the space (Multipurpose Area). cost and maximum benefit, yet everything is still well-organized.

Healthy Living

Healthy Living

The food sector will not be the only source of health trends in 2021. and activity, but also housing, as a result of the persistent presence of PM 2.5 dust and viruses As a result, in the New Normal period, cleanliness and safety are key features of a house in Phuket. A healthy house should be built with health and hygiene in mind.From the house’s architecture to the installation of cleaning and disinfection mechanisms, which may be hidden from the exterior with an unique air conditioning system that helps to maintain a consistent humidity and air temperature in the house. There is an air circulation and oxygenation system in place to ensure that the residence is filled with clean air. and preventing the entry of tiny dust particles such as PM2.5, viruses, and germs.

Back to nature

Back to nature in phuket house

Another popular theme this year is the environmental movement. People are becoming more aware of the natural world. The concept of “Inside Out – Outside In” was established, with the goal of bringing nature into the home.In terms of home design, the Back to Nature line encourages people to design their homes to be more in tune with nature, such as by including a garden in the middle. They are not divided in front of the smart house or behind the house as they were in older houses, as though the garden is one of the parts of the house. It is a garden that yields useful results. While sitting inside the house, residents can see the garden.If the house has a restricted amount of land or is required to follow a certain path, It must be designed to be accessible from the street. This problem might be solved by making the building surface airy. Then use slats to hide the eyes to offer privacy while also giving the house a more natural feel, and for already-built houses, use decorative plants to be put in different corners of the room to expand the green space in the house.

Smart Living

Smart Living

current technology Has played a huge role in life. For a smart home system (Smart Home System) or “Smart Home System” is a device that can transmit signals via the Internet. Let’s work with the software. on mobile phone allowing us to control the electrical system Appliances or various home security systems by pressing a button to control the smartphone (Smartphone) or use the voice (Voice Command) to help turn off or control the work of things in the house in Phuket. With addition to assisting in the maintenance and upkeep of the home, More contemporary also contributes to safety and saves both time and energy.

All of them are current housing trends that cater to future living requirements. We propose that people looking to buy a property this year look at the five trends outlined below. To plan and make decisions on the purchase of a home for myself.

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