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International Schools in Phuket

Phuket is not only a tourist region but also one of the best places to study. Why choose international education in Phuket? Parents always strive to give their children a better education and better opportunities than they had.

There are over ten international schools in Phuket, so there will be plenty to choose from.If we forget for a minute that Phuket is a tourist region, then we will see that it is good ecology, sea all, fresh fruits, and endless summer.And now, we recall again that this is a popular tourist destination among citizens of Russia, China, Australia, Germany, England, and other countries.

Phuket is chosen not only for recreation but also to life. Why is this a plus? From childhood, your children will be integrated into the international environment, they will be able to communicate in different languages and study other cultures, no from textbooks, but in person.And one more, important plus, this is the price of the issue, studying in Phuket will be much cheaper than studying at a similar school in London.

And after graduation, your children will just as easily be able to enter the world’s best universities.Below we take a look at some of the international schools in Phuket.

The International School of Phuket (ISP)

isp international school in phuket

It is the official school of the University of Cambridge, founded in 2008.

The school has 2 specialized programs for Russian and French children so that students with different levels of language proficiency do not interfere with the educational process in the classroom. After increasing the level of language proficiency, children are introduced to the class of their age group.

The main philosophy of this school is caring for children, supporting any undertakings of each child. And, of course, creating an atmosphere of joy inside the institution.

International School BCIS

school in Phuket

This is a new school in Phuket founded in 2017. It is the first school to be accredited by the French Ministry of Education, Cambridge Assessment International Education, and the Thai Ministry of Education under a single institution.Education here is carried out from kindergarten to secondary school in two curricula – the National Curriculum of the French language and the British program Cambridge Assessment International Education.The main goal of the school is to educate diversified citizens of the world community.

QSI International school

qsi school in phuket

QSI is one of the oldest schools in Phuket, founded in 2000 and still successfully operating today.This is a non-profit American school, and, accordingly, training takes place according to the American system. It will be an excellent choice for those planning to continue their studies in America. The school has been honored by the Middle States Association for several years and is the only school on.

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