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Popular Street Art in Phuket

During this time, you may see fresh hues around Phuket town. of a photograph on the wall (Phuket street art)of a historic municipal building shortly after UNESCO designated Phuket as a creative city for food science. To raise awareness of this important prize, a group of Phuket kids known as So Phuket launched the FAT Phuket (Foot Art Old Town) initiative, which invited both Thai and international street artists to collaborate and paint on the walls of Phuket town to show their relationship. Phuket’s culture and cuisine.

Street art Phuket

The hues of childhood munchies are brought to life by a multi-colored eagle.

King Rama street art Phuket

King Rama portrait was created as a memorial to His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej.

street art Phuket

Photo of a puppet group used in the traditional Phuket people’s ritual of worshiping the gods or celebrating the Chinese New Year. The puppet team will perform a puppet performance at the residence. and may God bless the residence with prosperity.

Mardi's photo Por Tor Festival

Mardi’s photo Por Tor Festival’s Red Tortoise Snacks Longevity and fulfillment are represented by this symbol.

All of them are images created by a group of painters that worked tirelessly to produce street art images at various locations across the city, each painting concealing the atmosphere of Phuket’s former culture. Reminiscent of a bygone era with a lot of charm It exemplifies the Phuket people’s culture. Anyone interested in taking photographs is welcome to attend at any time, and there is no charge.

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