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The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) would like to provide an update that more COVID-19 curbs in most parts of the kingdom have been eased from 1 November, 2021, to facilitate the wider country reopening to vaccinated visitors from around the world.
This means that the night-time curfew currently in place in Bangkok will be lifted from 23.00 Hrs. on 31 October, 2021. Also, from 1 November, 2021, nearly all businesses and activities in the 4 Blue Zone provinces will be able to resume “New Normal” operations.These include all shopping venues, convenience stores, markets, cinemas and theatres, sports venues, hair salons and barbershops, massage and spa shops, beauty and aesthetic clinics, and tattoo shops.
Restaurants and eateries can also resume normal opening hours, and be allowed to serve dine-in customers alcoholic beverages. Meetings, events, and fairs can be also held normally with no limitation on the number of attendees. However, all types of entertainment venues, including pubs, bars, and karaoke shops nationwide are to remain closed. But the announcement stated that these businesses may undertake preparation to be ready for reopening.

Similar relaxed measures for the Blue Zone provinces have also been extended to the 5 yellow zone provinces, also newly added from 1 November, 2021, with the exception for events and activities that must be organised with the number of attendees capped at below 1,000. Provinces in the red and orange zones have also seen the COVID-19 restrictions being relaxed further, with malls, markets, convenience stores, and cinemas being allowed to resume normal hours.

Restaurants and eateries in the orange zone can resume normal hours while in the red and dark-red zones must closed at 23.00 Hrs. and 22.00 Hrs., respectively. Sale and consumption of alcoholic beverages remain prohibited in the orange, red and dark-red zones.
Businesses and activities in the 7-remaining dark-red zone provinces can resume normal hours but no later than 22.00 Hrs., as the night-time curfew (from 23.00 – 03.00 Hrs.) remains in place for another 15 days or until 15 November.
Meetings and events in the red and dark-red zones can be organised for less than 500 attendees. Meanwhile, provinces in the orange zone can arrange more engaging activities; such as, sports tournaments, food fairs, and the likes for no more than 1,000 attendees.
Measures for the designated blue zone areas in 13 other provinces will be according to the provincial colour-zoning.


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