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What is Amazon Alexa, and why does AI need to be in every home?

When it comes to the popular and well-known Smart Assistant or smart assistant of today. We can imagine large tech corporations producing these products in order to compete with one another. Ready to constantly create new features in order to dominate the market and please people to the greatest extent feasible. For example, Microsoft’s Cortana, Google’s Assistant, or Apple’s Siri, today we’ll learn about Alexa, one of the major assistants from firms like Amazon that will convert your house into a smart home system. entirely, and life is more pleasant.

amazon alexa

There are a lot of individuals who are familiar with Siri or Google Assistant. it’s a brilliant helper who makes things simpler Amazon has continued to improve capabilities with a voice command dubbed Smart Assistant, which Amazon Alexa is one of the intelligent assistants from the camp.It presently supports over 100 million devices and has over 80,000 instructions, covering every operation and device. It’s not just about Apple, Android, or mobile. It may, however, be connected to all Smart Devices, including house doors, air conditioners, vacuum cleaners, work tables, and sofas, to provide consumers with a convenient and pleasant Smart Life lifestyle.

amazon alexa device

The following are some examples of Amazon Alexa’s capabilities:

  1. Conversation, find information, answer general questions through search from website
  2. Control Smart Home devices through voice commands.
  3. Read daily news from international channels such as BBC, ESPN.
  4. Use internet platforms such as Kindle to read books.
  5. Calls are made on a contact’s behalf.
  6. Place an order for food and make a hotel reservation.
  7. Link to a variety of security systems
  8. Set a reminder, a timetable, or an alarm
amazon alexa in home

Because Amazon has so many collaborations, it is clear that Amazon Alexa is more adaptable than other smart assistants. and may be improved in the future without incurring new costs for the user It can be claimed that gadgets that support Amazon Alexa are the devices of the future, as they will be utilized in the long run, and The Residence project has enabled Amazon Alexa to link with Smart Devices, making the Smart home smart life idea more pleasant.

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